What Does A High PR Domain Do For You

A high Pr domain is going to change the way you do business online if you are willing to use it properly. High PR domains come with a long backlink history that will bring readers to you all the time, but you need to know how to use this history to your advantage. When you want to find high PR domains, you should look for domains that fit the profiles below.

These Domains Match Your Business

The domains do not have to be exactly like your business, but they should be close enough that customers are going to hang around with your business when they find you. You can simply redirect customers from those pages to your home page, and you will be able to get customers who were not aware that you existed before they clicked on the link.

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Static Ads

You can use these domains to place static ads that you will be able to run all the time. The ads can be for anything, and they can simply be a one page ad that you might find posted as a flyer around town. This is the best way to post these kinds of ads because will constantly be clicking the links that will take them to these pages.

If you place PPC ads on these pages, you are going to make money anytime someone clicks on the ads in the pages. You will be able to make a passive income from these pages, and you will not have to do anyone other than pay the hosting fee to keep them running.

When you are thinking about how to make the most of out these domains that you have invested in, you need to remember that the majority of these pages are going to provide you with traffic like you have never seen. The pages are going to change your business because you can redirect hundreds of new customers a day to your business, and you can use the profile to make sure you have consistent traffic coming to the pages where you sell your products and services.